Equip everyone with the knowledge to make inclusive decisions and reduce discrimination

with the only tool to give people the inclusive answers they need, exactly in the moment they need them.

Include is the DEI solution that helps you create an organization where everyone thrives

Whether you need to implement, enhance, or create your DEI strategy. Or perhaps you need to equip your people with what they need to know to be inclusive in everything they do. Either way, Include is the DEI solution for your entire organization so you can reduce discrimination, hold people accountable for making inclusive decisions, and achieve your diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging goals.

Everyone is included

Give everyone in your organization (or school, or hospital, or government department) the knowledge and tools they need to make inclusive decisions that positively impact your employees, your culture, your customers, and your bottom line.

Include Real-time Autistic

Give your people instant DEl 'how to' relevant to their job

Establishing individual and team accountability for inclusion.

A once a year DEI training event or even an online compliance training module will not give everyone in your organization what they need to know when they need it. Include equips your people with what they need to know to make >inclusive decisions in real-time with no excuses.

Apply a simple solution to a complex problem with platform features underpinned by behavioral science.

Research tells us that 90% of people now believe in the importance and value of diversity and inclusion, yet 60% of people still admit they don't know how to include people different from them (so they do nothing at all for fear of getting it wrong).

The Include™ platform features have been designed to make it simple for your people to know ‘how’ to include others at the very moment they need to know.

Make inclusion part of every decision

Giving every role, every function, and every operation in the organization a single source of DEI 'know how'.

Creating an inclusive organization where everyone can thrive means you need to make sure inclusion is woven into the fabric of the way work gets done – not just delegated to HR or a feature of the recruitment process. Include addresses how to be inclusive across your whole organization – from the CEO to the frontline.
Include Knowledge Center mobile

Making inclusion the way work is done

Include™ makes inclusion about addressing all elements of your organization's way of working. It's not about bolt-on initiatives that are only a 'nice' to have' or 'only if we have time. Through extensive research, we have identified the critical elements of the organizational system that need to be inclusive to enable diversity to thrive.

Include’s™ approach to creating inclusion addresses these 6-pillars of your organizational system in practical and tangible ways so that every person in your organization is equipped to make decisions that include the needs of all people in everything they do.

Operationalize your DEI strategy

Engage all your people with inclusion initiatives, reinforce capability development, and embed new inclusive ways of working.

You want to make sure your DEl strategy and actions cut through and make people sit up and take notice. You also want to weave new inclusive ways of working into how work gets done, which means you need to reinforce and embed everything you do. Include enables you to you to communicate and reinforce what needs to be done directly with your people (and you can track it too).

Backed by evidence-based science

Two schools of thought and practice were brought together to form the Include™ approach to creating an inclusive organization

1. Complex Systems Theory
Your organization is greater than the sum of its parts, which means it’s considered a complex system. Applying complex systems theory to inclusion gives us insight into behaviors and outcomes that wouldn’t normally be expected from the parts on their own. Include recognizes and addresses the relationships between all system components across your organization in its approach to creating inclusion.

2. Behavioral Science
Behavioral science builds an understanding of how people react psychologically and respond behaviorally to interventions, environments, and stimuli. Include applies behavioral science to positively influence decision-making by all people in your organization across the organizational system.

Get (and keep) everyone on the same page

Align the efforts of your DE Council, inclusion working groups, employee resource groups, and inclusion allies.

It’s great when people are passionate and enthusiastic about contributing to inclusion efforts and making a difference – but if people are doing their own thing, duplicating efforts, or not aligned to the DEl strategy… that will hinder your ability to achieve inclusion objectives. Include works to create visibility of what people are working on and talking about – and of course, so you can keep them on track.

Everyone is responsible for being inclusive

Include™ supports decision-making for every employee in your organization. From the C-Suite to the frontline, and across all operational and functional divisions of your organization, your employees are empowered to make inclusive decisions with Include™

Understand inclusion capability and gaps like never before

Measure and track adoption of new inclusive ways of working, and identify gaps in DEl knowledge and capability to inform strategy.

Your annual employee belonging survey (or equivalent) is useful. Still, you don’t want to wait a whole year to know whether or not your strategy is working or if people are actually thinking and acting more inclusively. Include measures what people are asking about, what content they search for and use the most, and what communications they engage with.

Include Platform Features

The Include Al Chat gives your employees the answers they need when they need them. Chatting with our inclusion and diversity experts allows your employees to quickly and easily get the information they need to make inclusive decisions in real-time.

  • Real-time answers to any question about diversity and inclusion
  • Educational bite-sized and highly focused responses
  • On-demand expert human experts on standby
  • Suggestions for relevant and related topics and information
  • Answers specific to your organization and an employee’s role and location

The Include Knowledge Center gives your employees the who, what, where, when, why, and how of Inclusion. Create a fully inclusive, diverse, and high-performing organization by giving your employees, leaders, and even your board members the educational know-how they need-introducing the Include Knowledge Center.

Include addresses what needs to be done across 6-pillars of your organizational system®:

  • Your organizational vision, mission, strategy, and measures of success
  • Your business operations and how work gets done
  • Your products and services and meeting the diverse needs of customers
  • The whole employee lifecycle from recruitment to career development
  • The actions and behaviors of every person in your organization
  • Your social responsibility and impact

The Include Language Assessment eliminates bias and potentially discriminatory language in your written content. Cut and paste your text, and Include™M will show you any words that may be gendered, complex, or potentially disrespectful.

Review content such as:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Job descriptions and job advertisements
  • Website and intranet content
  • Emails and internal communications
  • Marketing and advertising cop

The Include Lived Experience Videos help build empathy and understanding of others through Include’s video interviews with people with diverse lived experiences. The personal insights and experiences section of Include gives your people the opportunity to watch, listen and learn about how others experience the world around them and how they would like to be included).

The video interviews cover the individual’s experiences with:

  • The recruitment process
  • Being an employee and a manager
  • Belonging and fitting in at work and in the community
  • The customer service process
  • Representation, being stereotyped, discrimination, and much more

The Include Custom Content lets you upload (or link to) your existing DEl content, learning materials, policies and procedures, and whom to contact for help in your organization. While the Include platform is packed with informative DEl content, we know that you probably have (or will have) your own DEl content specific to your organization. We will seamlessly integrate your content into Include.

Include Custom Content allows you to:

  • Link to internal policies, resources, and contact information
  • Link to existing training modules
  • Upload existing and complementary DE content
  • Guidance on how to be inclusive specific to your industry and the operations of your organization

The Include Campaign Manager enables you to send proactive and reactive messaging to your people via push notifications. Here are just a few of the ways you can use the campaign manager and push notifications feature:

  • Update your organization on a new initiative and how they can get involved
  • Inform everyone of a new policy and link to where to find it on your intranet
  • Build awareness of a topic leading up to an event
  • Send reinforcement learning and activities following an event
  • Address current events that might impact one or more of your employees
  • Help your employees navigate internal and external events by providing them with just-in-time actions and messaging that help them handle sensitive social issues.

The Include Admin Dashboard gives you the DEl insights and data that you want. The interactive admin dashboard is your hub for insight into how your people use Include to support their inclusion efforts and decision making. You’ll be able to analyze what’s going on, what’s working, and what’s not – and take informed responsive action.

The Include Admin Dashboard lets you:

  • Analyze your organization’s usage metrics filtering by department, role, or geographic location
  • Discover what themes your people are most interested in learning about
  • Uncover where there are gaps in capability and understanding
  • Reveal where there is lower engagement and buy-in
  • Look for trends in usage in response to inclusion initiatives, events, and communications

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